Contetino Hotel Guest Survey

Would you like to provide better guest experience?
Would you like to get better reviews?
Would you like to increase your reputation?
Would you like more bookings?
Are you looking for something that will differentiate you from other companies?

This is the way to do it.

With our software, you can use guest feedback and satisfaction to improve and grow.


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1. Survey

Customers can submit a guest satisfaction survey. In that survey, they can write about their experience and they can even rate their stay. With our software, they can even do that anonymously.

If you haven’t gathered any surveys, guests also post them on Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.

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2. Upload data

If you are using our surveying this is not necessary, but you still need to upload data from other services.


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3. Let us do the magic

Our machine learning algorithms turn a guest survey into so much more. We can extract emotions, key issues and even perform customer personality analysis.

 We can analyze positive and negative mentions in hundreds of key concepts. Our smart AI system analyzes the text to find positive and negative experiences.


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4. Review

After all the data has been entered and analyzed, you can check your scores per review, per room, or a sum of all reviews.

After the analysis, you will be able to see the impact of each positive and negative item in the guest review. Besides, our software will create a personality profile from each review. This will allow you to get a new perspective on the people who visit you.

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5. Act

Now you have all the data you need, now it’s up to you to act on that data. If data show guests adore your view, you know you need to feature it in advertising. If it shows that most of the guests complain about the rooms not being clean enough, it’s time to fix that. We can list the examples for days, but maybe it’s best to try it yourself.

We can even rank the priorities for you, by showing you what made the biggest impression. So you have a checklist on how to improve your accommodation.

Be better! Improve! And let us help you grow!

If you would like to try out our software for free, contact us!

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