Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Where is artificial intelligence and machine learning used?


Virtual assistants




Security and surveillance



Autonomous flying



Inventory management

Car industry


Autonomous vehicles

Health analysis


Supply Chain

Our services as machine learning and artificial intelligence consultants are already used in real estate price forecasting, and our applications that can understand speech and text. The primary goal of machine learning and artificial intelligence is to enable computers to learn and apply what is learned without human intervention or assistance. This allows computers to perform a specific task without explicit instructions. To this end, we are developing learning algorithms and statistical prediction models.

In other words, a computer can take that data and learn how to predict what will happen. Or we can define success and failure for a computer so that it can learn to perform a task on its own.

If you have a large data set, machine learning can identify patterns in the data. This data will allow you to make better decisions based on real examples. The use of machine learning has enabled large companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook to make good and timely decisions. You can apply the same technologies to your business.
With enough data and a well-tested model, your computer can give you options for further action.

Our experience allows us to anticipate and avoid some of the common mistakes in the development and application of ML and AI. Through detailed testing, we confirm that the algorithm avoids algorithmic bias and that it complies with all ethical rules and laws.

Machine learning has improved almost every branch in the market and is growing every year. Make the right decision and let your data work for you!


Technology application consulting

If you have an idea to introduce artificial intelligence into your own business, contact us without obligation. We will listen to your idea, analyze it and advise you on the next steps.

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Clients and projects

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK)

Our primary client is one of the world’s reputable blockchain development companies.

Cardano platforma

Cardano is a blockchain platform with more advanced features than any protocol yet developed, and the first to evolve out of a scientific philosophy.

Other clients include:

Intellishore Corporation


Our projects

The idea behind this application is that you write your anonymous work diary and our smart AI fetches all the negative things you write about. It adds those things on the list of the company, enabling you to change your company for the better.

Our smart machine learning algorithms allow your customers to submit more than just a survey. They extract emotions, key issues and even perform customer personality analysis.

The smart AI that can learn from text you provide it with and answer any questions people ask, as long as your text contains it. Think of it as a google assistant + learning from text.

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