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Started at the beginning of 2017, we worked in many fields. Mostly in the cryptocurrency space, we worked with Haskell on blockchain and did consult for Haskell web applications. On the web we worked with Purescript, Angular, React, Elm and Reflex.

We also created a lot of AI base products ourselves that use Java and Python. Python for AI-based components, Java for web applications.

What we worked on with Cardano ADA cryptocurrency

  • explorer (backend Haskell, frontend Purescript) 
  • new wallet (backend Haskell) 
  • TSD team squad lead (backend Haskell) 
  • cardano-shell team squad lead (backend Haskell)


What else we worked on

  • Migration from Oracle Forms/Reports 6i to 10g, Forms/Reports modules, java project, automatic migration.
  • Mobile fiscal POS on Android using SQLite DB.
  • Mobile POS terminal using REST on Android. Also wrote a testing server backend using Guice & Jersey.
  • New Java Swing POS application.
  • Spring, Wicket application that creates installation scripts from a custom project management DB. Had several revisions. One of the revisions was written in Groovy. Yet another version was written in pure functional Scala stack – http4s + argonaut + doobie.
  • Python web project that parses ADF XML in order to simplify development.
  • Ionic/Flask mobile app as a demonstration project.
  • Small helpdesk app in Vaadin as a demonstration project.
  • Flask/Python network scanning project for network maintenance.
  • Custom ORM mapper generator for Hibernate – generates custom POJOs. 
  • Created a service proxy for the future plans of using microservice architecture, and put a service monitor using https://github.com/codecentric/spring-boot-admin.
  • Simple service proxy for an external application using Oracle DB packages.
  • Simple GWT/Twitter Bootstrap application as a demonstration project.
  • Driver for the Bixolon Bluetooth printer
  • Small backend application using Scala, Scalatra, and Slick with an Ionic frontend.
  • Service for communication with two different data sources, written in Guice + Spark and another version written in Spring Boot + Spring Rest + Spring JDBC. Yet another version was written in pure functional Scala stack – http4s + argonaut + doobie. Communicates with the database and a remote XML service, connecting three different systems.

More about me, the CEO, on LinkedIn.

We are located in Pula, Croatia and collaborate with associates around the world.


About our work? We think any good work should be correct, it should be well specified and executed by that specification.

Don’t build something you don’t want. What you build should be well tested and precise. Doubt it will work, and you will find ways to improve it.

Make it work, then optimize.

Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

Backend haskell, frontend purescript


Our primary client is Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK),
one of the world’s reputable blockchain development companies.
Input Output logo
Input Output
Other clients include:

Intellishore Corporation


Intellishore corporation


Emprovio logo

The idea behind this application is that you write your anonymous work diary and our smart AI fetches all the negative things your write about. It adds those things on the list of the company, enabling you to change your company for the better.

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Our smart machine learning algorithms allow your customers to submit more than just a survey. They extract emotions, key issues and even perform customer personality analysis.

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The smart AI that can learn from text you provide it with and answer any questions people ask it, as long as your text contains it. Think of it as a google assistant + learning from text.

We are opened to small, medium and large enterprises, so if you have an idea you would like to realize, feel free to reach us.

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