Exact Byte

dream started in 2007, as a result of a desire to make software that wasn’t rushed and full of bugs. Our products are always well documented and built to specification.


Through the years, we have been involved in a lot of projects, both as consultants and as partners. When projects started getting bigger, we decided to formalize Exact byte d.o.o. in 2017.


We play to our strengths and experience, so we are offering services in:


• Artificial intelligence consulting and development
Machine Learning consulting and development
Cryptocurrencies consulting and development
Initial coin offering (ICO) consulting and development
Haskell consulting and development
Web applications consulting and development


If you decide to contact us, you can expect a lot of questions. It’s in our nature to find the best solution to your problem, even if that solution is not working with us. If we build something for you, be sure that we will target the root of the problem, not just consequences.


Any good work should be correct, well-specified and executed by that specification.

From planning the product to deployment, we are following our development philosophy:


Don’t build something you don’t want.


Don’t build something you don’t need.

Make it work, then optimize.

What you build should be well tested and precise.

Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

If you doubt it will work, you will find ways to improve it.